What is the FORO?

How to achieve its objectives ?

In order to achieve the objectives that FORO has set itself, it has created an environment for the exchange of experiences and the carrying out of joint activities related to common problems, so as to strengthen the capacity and competence of its members.

FORO considers that one of the instruments for the achievement of its objectives is the joint development of a technical work programme that must be coordinated with the plans of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the latter being its scientific organization of reference.

Thus, within the framework of an extra-budgetary programme of this international organization, financed by the voluntary contribution of the member countries, a technical programme has been designed, developed and implemented, aimed at areas considered to be priorities for the region.

What are the foundations of your programme ?

The basic pillars on which this programme is based are: a common technical programme that prioritises national and regional needs, and the development of a knowledge network on radiological, nuclear and physical security.

This RED is based on an operational IT tool developed by FORO, which is aimed at the dissemination of regulatory knowledge and has a document manager that allows the exchange of published information and a working environment that facilitates the development of different activities.

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