Mission and vision

Mission: Safety, knowledge, experience

Promote safety in all practices that use radioactive and/or nuclear materials in the Ibero-American region.

Encourage the exchange of information and experiences in matters of nuclear, radiological and physical safety among its members. Detect, extract, analyze and share existing and new knowledge, as well as practical experiences to improve radiological and nuclear safety in Latin America.

Establish relationships with national, regional and international organizations whose policies and objectives are of interest for the achievement of their objectives.

Vision: Commitment, strengthening of institutions

To be an organization committed to the improvement of radiological and nuclear safety in the Ibero-American region as well as at the international level.

To be a fruitful environment for the strengthening of regulatory institutions in the Ibero-American region through the exchange of information and experiences as well as work on issues of mutual interest in the areas of radiation, nuclear and security.

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