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Being There and Not Being There. Pandemic’s Challenges on Teaching-Learning Process

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ARN (Argentina)


Molinari, A.J.; Margetic, A.I.


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Beyond the health effects over individuals, the COVID-19 pandemic generated

important alterations in the way that we interact. But even more, these disruptions

have also raised the need to reflect about the ideas that we have over the ways of

our ties. The educational phenomenon is, among other things, also a way in which

individuals bond. There are typical ways of ties between the different actors in this

social fact. These relationships take place, undoubtedly, in specific spaces (e.g.

classrooms, laboratories) and are mediated by a pool of varied technologies

(blackboards, screens, slides, detectors, programs, assay tubes, microscopes, an

infinity of elements that participate in teaching-learning process). Now, what happen when the pandemic imposes restrictions for people mobility, affecting the possibility of that particular meeting between professors, students, classrooms and learning tools? There is no way to bypass that question. The abandonment – intermittent or protracted – of the classroom, modify the way of the characteristic bonds between all the educational activities’ players. Thus is necessary to reflect about what “be there” means. But also, if the educational activities do not want to be interrupted, its reverse form, “not be there”, should be taken into account. More specifically, this “separation” of bodies, spaces and tools made clear that there would be an impact on the educational process: in the

communication modalities, in the knowledge transfer, in the ways of evaluation, in the practice activities. There was no aspect that was not modify by this distancing. In this article we pose a set of questions to be debated about the, by the way, not so novel situation of the “virtualized education”. As the authors are part of a group dedicated specifically to the management of education in radiation protection, this work is based on the experience acquired in this field over the last 5 years and, particularly, about the challenges that the pandemic has imposed us for the development of careers and courses. NESTet Conference 2021. Bruselas, Bélgica, 15 al 17 de noviembre de 2021