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Special Monitoring Capabilities developed at the Internal Dosimetry Laboratory of the Argentine Nuclear Regulatory Authority

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  • laboratorios
  • dosimetría
  • dosis de radiación
  • accidentes
  • analisis biologico
  • vigilancia
  • arn argentina
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ARN (Argentina)


Puerta Yepes, N.; Gossio, S.; Villella, A.; Pedemonti, E.; Di Giorgio, M.; Cruz Suarez, R.


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The Internal Dosimetry Laboratory (LDI, acronym in Spanish) of the Argentine Nuclear

Regulatory Authority has established itself as a reference laboratory at National level, where bioassays and dose assessments are implemented following the highest standards of quality and the internationally accepted criteria in routine and special monitoring. Particularly, the special monitoring program may be necessary as a result of a known or suspected exposure, an incident or an accident; and the degree of accuracy required for the exposure assessment should increase with the level of exposure likely to have been received by the person. In case that a special monitoring is necessary, the LDI has three suitable measurement techniques: lung counting, whole body counting and thyroid counting; these two last techniques are carried out with portable equipment to measure outside the laboratory. In this paper the characterization of the systems and the calibration process for special monitoring are presented, using different physical and simulated phantoms. Furthermore, within the framework of the IAEA Project identified as RLA 9075, and in order to create a technical support for dosimetry assessment of overexposure persons in Latin America, the LDI has improved the ability to develop specific accidental

scenarios and models for persons, using Monte Carlo simulations methods (MCNP). The experience and the progress of the laboratory in computational dosimetry to support a rapid response to a possible situation of overexposure are presented. International Conference on the Challenges Faced by Technical and Scientific Support Organizations in Enhancing Nuclear Safety and Security: Ensuring Effective and Sustainable Expertise. Bruselas, Bélgica, 15 al 18 de octubre de 2018