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Argentine Radiation Protection Young Professionals Network (RedSARJoven). Engaging the New Generation

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ARN (Argentina)


Papp, C.; Mohamad, N.; Di Giorgio, M.; Bomben, A.M


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Since its creation in 1965, the Argentine Radiation Protection Society (SAR) is working to fulfil the foundational objective of promoting knowledge on radiation protection through training, dissemination of information and knowledge management. This is why SAR carries out the regular dictation of courses recognized by the competent authorities and also special courses. In recent times, it has become clear that the young generation has a different way of communication and learning. It is a real challenge to adapt the education and training in radiation protection to the modern world, a technological world, where information is extremely wide and where there are many ways to share knowledge and experiences. Thinking on the needs of the Radiation Protection Young Generation, SAR decided to launch the Argentine Radiation Protection Young Professionals Network (Red SAR Joven). This network was created with the purpose of promoting the participation and inclusion of young professionals working in radiation protection in

all its applications, improving the resources of the human capital and its competences and promoting the culture for safety in the new generation. Red SAR Joven was launched at the IYNC-WIN 2018 Congress (International Youth Nuclear Congress - WIN Global Annual Conference) in March 2018, in Bariloche (Argentina) at the Panel “Youth in Nuclear Energy - A Nuclear Movement”, where the perspective of young professionals working in nuclear energy and radiation protection were presented by leading professionals from international organizations. One of the main objectives of Red SAR Joven is to create a space for the exchange of ideas and joint work among the young professionals working in radiation protection and also to encourage young professionals who start in this area, giving them information about the different opportunities. To fulfil this objective, and taking advantage of the extensive experience of elder members of SAR, Red SAR Joven is planning to launch a Mentoring Program for knowledge transfer, exchange of experiences and fundamentally to guide young professionals in their radiation protection career development. During the 2018-2020 period, Red SAR Joven has organized different activities for young professionals, as a "Workshop on Radiation Measurement" and a “Workshop on Optimization Applied to Medical and Industrial Practices”. Representatives of the network had participated in national, regional and international events, such as the XI Latin American Regional Congress in Havana – Cuba, with the aim of sharing the experience in the region and encouraging the creation of national networks in other countries. Red SAR Joven is in line with IRPA's goals that promote the participation of young professionals, as well as being part of the global youth movement in all areas, from nuclear energy to medical applications, from industry to education, research and communication. 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association. Seoul, Korea, 18 al 19 de enero de 2021