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Concrete reflected cylinders of highly enriched solutions of uranyl nitrate ICSBEP Benchmark- a re-evaluation by means of MCNPX using ENDF- B-VI cross section library

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ARN (Argentina)


Cruzate, J. A.; Carelli, J. L.


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This work presents a theoretical re-evaluation of a set of original experiments included in the 2009 issue of the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments, as “Concrete Reflected Cylinders of Highly Enriched Solutions of Uranyl Nitrate” (identification number: HEU-SOLTHERM-002)[4]. The present evaluation has been made according to benchmark specifications [4], and added data taken out of the original published report [3], but applying a different approach, resulting in a more realistic

calculation model. In addition, calculations have been made using the latest version of MCNPX Monte Carlo code, combined with an updated set of cross section data, the continuous-energy ENDF/B-VI library. This has resulted in a comprehensive model for the given experimental situation. Uncertainties analysis has been made based on the evaluation of experimental data presented in the HEU-SOLTHERM-002 report.

Resulting calculations with the present improved physical model have been able to reproduce the criticality of configurations within 0.5%, in good agreement with experimental data. Results obtained in the analysis of uncertainties are in general agreement with those at HEU-SOL-THERM-002 benchmark document. Qualitative results from analyses made in the present work can be extended to similar fissile systems: well moderated units of 235U solutions, reflected with concrete from all directions. Results have

confirmed that neutron absorbers, even as impurities, must be taken into account in calculations if at leastapproximate proportions were known. Key words: International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (ICSBEP), Criticality Benchmark Experiments, High-Enriched Solution Systems, criticality calculations with MCNPX,

ENDF/B-VI validation. (International Conference on Nuclear Criticallity 2011. Edimburgo, Escocia, 19 al 22 de setiembre de 2011)