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Centrales nucleares antiguas. Problemas comunes y estrategia regulatoria para su tratamiento

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  • nuclear power plants
  • aging
  • human factors
  • legal aspects
  • maintenance
  • safety







ARN (Argentina)


Touzet R. (Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Buenos Aires (AR))


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The characteristic problems of power plants which have been in operation for more than ten years and the differences between these problems and those of newer plants are analysed with a view to identifying generic aspects requiring effective regulatory action to keep the risks within currently acceptable limits. A widespread view is that which relates ageing exclusively to ageing obsolescence of components, thereby reducing the problem to issues such as corrosion, wear, embrittlement and fatigue of the materials. In this case, the sole objective of corrective action would be to improve preventive maintenance, periodic tests and in-service inspection. It is helpful to establish a wider field of action which, in addition to the 'hardware', considers the development of the 'software', the human factor and prevailing conditions generally. In order to treat the symptoms, it is first necessary to analyse systematically the failure modes and causes of the operational transients which are periodically reported and then determine which are the basic elements on which the safety of a facility rests and how they will develop in time. Publicado en Revista Argentina Nuclear; año 2, no. 11, 1987. 5 p.