It is a software tool developed by the Ibero American FORO of Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Agencies with the purpose of facilitating the evaluation of the risk level of radiotherapy departments and standardize regulatory evaluation activities of radiation safety of this medical practice in FORO´s member states and consequently in the Ibero American region, thus promoting risk informed good practices.

SEVRRA and its methodological basis allows identification of both strengths and weaknesses of radiotherapy departments, making it possible to focus efforts on the implementation of safety measures, barriers and reducers, for the prevention and reduction of accidents occurrence and to limit their consequences. The tool can be used according to the specific needs of each country, so that in addition to Latin America, other regions can also benefit.

The online version, allows you to get partial or total reports, dynamic resume of the assessment progress showing the analyzed sequences versus their corresponding in the reference practice, periodic updates of the system; versioning to generate subsequent versions of a first analysis once concluded; keep and rescue the registered information of equipment, practices and analyses performed; access aid showing how to implement safety features like specific barriers, frequency and consequence reducers; get help to clarify technical questions, as well as technical support of the system to any event that prevents its functionality; interact with other users through the issuance of comments, questions, proposals for modification, inclusion of new elements allowing the exchange of information and experiences learned from other regions of the world, this helps to keep the system alive and nourishing it with contributions from users.


SEVRRA software tool is based on the Risk Matrix method (Vol. 1 y Vol. 2), also developed by FORO, which in turn is based on the results of risk analysis for instalations with linear accelerators, external beam Cobalt-60 radiation therapy and high and low dose rate brachytherapy. The benefit of this type of prospective analysis for radiation protection and human health has been recognized by organizations and associations of an international character, such as the Pan American Health Organization and the International Atomic Energy Agency, being foreseeable that its use will become increasingly common and widespread in the practice of radiotherapy.


SEVRRA Radiotherapy