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Áreas Colaborativas

The technical program of the FORO is based on the needs and priorities set by its Members, taking into account the regulatory and regional interests in the fields of nuclear and radiological safety and security.
FORO is not a network, it is an association of regulators, but it has developed as well a network: la RED. La RED provides framework for news, regulatory information and a working environment with cooperative functions, which provides the experts of the FORO with an optimal tool for the exchange of technical-scientific information with regulatory interest related with the scope of the technical program of the FORO. La RED has become a very useful communication tool, providing the framework for the efficient information exchange within the working groups and projects of FORO.
On this basis, a group of prioritized topical areas has been defined, under which a series of technical projects and activities are being developed.


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Document Area

  • Licenciamiento y control de instalaciones PET en Argentina
  • Capacidad de Respuesta en Accidentes del Laboratorio de Dosimetría Interna de la ARN. Caso Fukushima-Daiichi
  • Assessment of the Radiological Impact in Argentina of the Nuclear Tests after Decades
  • Overview on Medical Isotope Production in Argentina
  • Estudio RELID 2014 en Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • “Programa de computación para la resolución de árboles de falla – RARF3”
  • “Nuclear accidents and regulatory response”
  • “La importancia de la fase de puesta en marcha en las tareas de licenciamiento de una central nuclear”
  • “Envejecimiento de las centrales nucleares y política regulador”
  • “El rol que cumplen las auditorias regulatorias de garantía de calidad en la seguridad de una central nuclear”
  • El análisis de riesgo, base de una buena gestión empresarial
  • Calibración de equipos de laboratorios y su verificación intermedia
  • Analysis of generic clearance levels for radioactive materials
  • Decreto_202132-08
  • Protección Radiológica Ocupacional, Colección de normas de seguridad GUÍA,IAEA RS-G-1 1
  • Acuerdo de cooperación en español
  • Acuerdo
  • Concrete reflected cylinders of highly enriched solutions of uranyl nitrate ICSBEP Benchmark- a re-evaluation by means of MCNPX using ENDF- B-VI cross section library
  • Inflammatory markers of radiation induced late effects
  • OM02 Formato, preparación, revisión, aprobación, modificación y cancelación de procedimientos